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Resource management is a strong lever in the overall sustainability discussion, which seeks to optimize the consumption of raw materials and materials across the entire value chain. This is also associated with cost savings, which have a positive impact on return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO). Economy and ecology are not mutually exclusive; they go much more hand in hand. A good example of this is the Ink Save module of the Durst Workflow browser-based software.

Ink saving tool and data preparation tool

Two smart tools for saving ink from the Durst Workflow software.

The Durst ECO system

Software solutions now play a central role in Durst's ECO system. The aim is to drive process optimization and automation on the one hand, and to actively support customers' sustainability efforts on the other. Thanks to the Pixel to Output approach, modular and flexible solutions can be implemented in practice for every customer.

The Ink Save tool

The Ink Save module aims to sustainably reduce ink consumption while optimizing the quality of colour reproduction. It uses a well-known technique - the so-called achromatic build-up or GCR (Grey Component Replacement). The advantages of this can be seen in the lower color application and higher stability in the grey tones. No specific specialist knowledge is required as an operator. You simply specify how much the tool should intervene. It is not necessary to re-profile the print data; the Ink Save module performs the conversion in the background. The potential ink savings of up to 35% are enormous.


save up to



Data Preparation Tool

With the Data Preparation Tool, the print data provided by the customer can be processed directly in the browser without additional software. There are more than 100 functions to choose from. The spectrum ranges from format changes to the creation of a coating or cutting die and expanding the number of pages or sheets to the processing of spot colors.

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The tool is often used in label printing in particular to limit the print area to the die-cutting contour plus bleed. This leads to a reduction in ink consumption, but also to considerable material savings in the step & repeat process.

In combination with the Ink Save tool, there is enormous potential for savings.

Practical experience has shown that the Data Preparation Tool can save up to 26% of ink.

Customer testimonials

Durst Save Ink Tools Clever Systemtechnik

"We use the Ink Save tool for around 80% of all print jobs. In the 2022 fiscal year, we were able to achieve a cost saving of 34% per square meter - without any loss of quality!"

Niko von Hanstein
Head of Production and Prepress
Clever Systemtechnik GmbH


"In mid-2022, we installed a P5 HS 350 with Durst Workflow software. We mainly print weatherproof posters on polypropylene. Our daily print volume on the P5 is between 2,000 and 5,000 m2. With such a high-volume, efficient color management is extremely important. For most posters, we opt for a medium setting in the Ink Saving tool, which allows us to save up to 15% ink. For larger print runs, we intervene even more strongly depending on the motif and thus reduce ink consumption by 25%."

Gerhard Klein
Braun and Klein

Durst Save Ink Tools Braun und Klein

Sustainability for Durst

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The core principles and fundamental ethical values are based on the following guiding principles:

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