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The non-stop availability of digital printing systems is a considerable influencing factor in the productivity and success of our customers. In order to offer the best possible service, we have more than 230 employees working for us around the world in over 80 countries.

Our Durst service centers provide a competent emergency service hotline, and ensure short-notice availability of Durst service technicians as well as a professional spare parts supply.

Durst Global Service for digital printer systems

Durst Support

On a daily basis, Durst-certified service technicians install, maintain, and upgrade Durst systems around the world. The certification process – in combination with continuous and software-supported know-how transfer – guarantees our customers worldwide a consistent high quality service standard.

Durst Support Software And Online Services

Durst Training Services

The Technical Academy offers customers the oportunity to attend one of our target group-oriented training courses.


Durst Training Services Overview

Operator Training

Operation Basics
General Structure | Operation | Regular Maintenance | Printer Workflow | Print Quality
This training is intended for machine operators to learn the general handling and maintenance of the printing system. Focused on the basic functionality of the equipment, the participant will learn how to use the system, the media handling, the operation of the Durst printer software, the influences on different printer settings, evaluation of print quality and regular maintenance procedures.

Maintenance Engineer Training

Operation Basics
General Structure | Operation | Regular Maintenance | Print Quality
System Competence
Inkjet Basics | Detailed structure | Functional description | Preventive Maintenance | First Aid Procedures
Additional to the contents of the “Operator Training” this unit offers maintenance-engineers to deepen their knowledge in the machines regular maintenance and preventive maintenance, as well as guided first-aid troubleshooting. Basic understanding of inkjet technology / equipment is required.

In-House Technician Training

Operation Basics
General Structure | Operation | Regular Maintenance | Print Quality
System Competence
Inkjet Basics | Detailed structure | Functional description | Preventive Maintenance | First Aid Procedures
Technical Competence
Fault Analysis | Troubleshooting | Emergency modes | Default settings | Default exchanges | Printhead maintenance
In addition to the contents of the “Maintenance Engineer Training” your in-house technician deepens his knowledge in troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. A detailed look on the interaction of the various printer components (mechanics and electrics/electronics), guidelines and time for troubleshooting guarantee a high technical knowledge about the printer after this training module.

Prepress Workflow Training

Operation Basics
General Structure | Operation | Regular Maintenance | Print Quality
Workflow Competence
Image settings | Printer settings | RIP setup | ICC Profiling | Media Characteristics
This module includes general “Operator Training” and focuses on the workflow from the image file to the final print. Participants learn the theory behind and the conducting of printer linearization, media profiling, determining of ink-limits and color management specific settings.
In addition ink saving options, application-typical printer settings, tips and tricks to optimize print quality and printing performance on various media types for an efficient printing process make part of this highly diverse training.

Service Hardware Contracts

For more information please don't hesitate to contact your local Durst distributor (Contracts currenty not available for all Durst printers)

Specifically tailored inspection, maintenance, and service agreements increase the performance and uptime of your Durst printer.

In order to meet a wide range of customer requirements, we offer the following service products:

Durst Extended Support Contract
  • Weekend support
  • Helpdesk availability: Sat.-Sun. 8 a.m. - 6.p.m.

Available on request, in certain regions only

Durst inspection icon
Durst PH Inspection Contract

Only available with the purchase of a new machine!

  • 36-months printhead warranty
  • covers all preventive maintenance operations on the printhead
  • with year 4: full contract is recommended
Durst Basic Contract Icon
Durst Basic Contract
  • covers all preventive maintenance
  • all operations are carried out by a certified Durst technician
  • the printer is accompanied by a ½ yearly maintenance plan
Durst Standard Contract
  • covers ½ yearly maintenance incl. all parts except printheads
  • covers the exchange of all spare parts outside the ½ yearly maintenance (excluding consumables and printheads)
Durst Full Contract
  • an all-inclusive service contract.
  • covers all preventive maintenance and repairs on the printer

Advantages of a service contract

  • Preventive maintenance and service plan
  • All costs are known for years to come
  • Maximum printer usage and uptime
  • Higher resale price
  • Fixed cost of ownership
  • The printer is always in top condition
  • Uptime >95%

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