P5 Pack Series

Corrugated Printing Excellence

Take your printing excellence to the next level with the P5 PACK series, a tailored solution for corrugated displays and packaging printing! The ability to print on a wide range of materials as well as integrated functions enabling efficient print production of corrugated boards, make the P5 350 HS PACK an ideal fit to serve the POP/POS and retail market.

The P5 Pack Series will be available from Q3 2024.

Key Features

corrugated option

Save valuable time during the printing process with our automated corrugated option, ensuring auto adjustment, precision and efficiency.

vacuum system

Experience superior suction for various materials, providing a stable and reliable printing environment.

Surveillance Camera

Gain professional control throughout the printing process thanks to highest accuracy for dye cutting and guillotine, auto image adjustment and front & back printing registration.


Automate your production process with the Durst Automat MT integration

Elevate your P5 Pack printing efficiency with Durst Automat 2.0 integration

To maximize production potential of the printing system, the P5 Pack series can be combined with the Durst Automat MT (3/4 or full). With this new solution for the automatic feeding and stacking of boards, up to 4 lanes can be processed in parallel. Finely tuned movements of the suction elements in combination with a reinforced blow and brush bar result in clean and fast media separation, even with difficult synthetic boards and thin substrates.Continuous and stable production is ensured by pneumatically controlled flaps that prevent the materials from slipping during the loading and unloading process.
The entire printing process is continuously monitored by surveillance cameras.
The feed and delivery tables have also been further developed to ensure smooth transportation of the boards.


Pinnacle brilliance with the new Durst LUVERA LED ink

The Durst LUVERA LED ink is a new ink set, specially developed for corrugated and paper substrates. It is characterized by low odor, excellent abrasion resistance, and a scratch and block resistance. A very wide color gamut and high gloss give corrugated displays and packaging a high level of color vibrancy.
The LUVERA inks are UL Greenguard Gold certified, heavy metal free (Directive 2004/12/CE), HAPs free (<0.1% EPA 3111), recyclable on corrugated cardboard and compliant to IOS-MAT-0207 (2022-03) and EuPIA Exclusion Policy.

Pinnacle brilliance in Packaging & Display Printing with the new Durst LUVERA LED ink

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