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Founded in 1992, MacroArt is a large-format printing company based in the United Kingdom. As UK's leading authority on branding, MacroArt has earned an enviable reputation with an in-house, industry-leading production center serving a rapidly growing and impressive portfolio of commercial and brand clients.

The implementation of Lift ERP has enabled the company to achieve a higher level of integration and automation, resulting in an unprecedented level of efficiency.
“With a lot of other ERPs you have to bend your business to fit the ERP; the great thing about Lift ERP is it flexes with our business”, says Managing Director Michael Green. “It really is something that we can tailor specifically to suit what we do.”

The company, formerly paper-based, is now using screens to process work from any machine or workstation, ensuring that every part of the printing process is constantly updated.
“The previous system we used was very manual: there was nothing in in the baseline of the system at all”, claims Account Manager Jade Pickard. “Using Durst Lift ERP was just a breath of fresh air, really it just made it a lot easier”.

Easy and intuitive to use, the system also simplified the customer’s ordering process.
“They can just log in straight away, see exactly where it is, where it's being shipped and check their online proofs as well”, says Client Experience Manager Charlotte Barham. “We've got some customers even place orders with it, which is just so quick and easy with our preset products that we have that are customer specific”.