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Ceramics Printing


Gamma XD Series

The new standard in printer performance and image quality

With this new 8-Color Gamma XD Printer Series Durst has re-invented ceramic tile decoration featuring new possibilities for unique and creative tile design and ultimate production efficiency.
Gamma XD combines the highest quality inkjet technology with a unique print engine to break the barriers to quality and speed, maintaining the required ink amount per sqm.

Key Features:

  • Best rated, banding-free print quality
  • High uptime /productivity
  • Optional DM - Digital Material Printing Technology - over 100g/m2 - high nozzle stability
  • Low customer maintenance and easy service with drastically reduced service costs
  • Low print head costs and easy/fast replacement

Durst holds various patents on this new, innovative technology.

Best rated print quality

  • No banding or lines, high image details, sharpness, color strength and color stability
  • Printing difficult designs without any problems, not possible before, thanks to new level of print uniformity across the full width, smooth color transitions, dot visibility, high sharpness/contrast and color strength with no artifacts
  • Full HD Technology (Advanced Grayscale) with 300 dpi nominal resolution with innovative “Adaptive Dot Placement Technology” and intelligent “Electronic Print Head Alignment System for ultimate print uniformity without banding
  • Special silicon nozzle plate technology with silicon oxide coating for high drop straightness, improved robustness and scratch resistance
  • High drop velocity for precise and repeatable drop placement to assure high color stability, best image quality and high apparent resolution/sharpness/details over time and at different line speeds


  • Designed for easy and fast service carried out by the customer to maximize uptime
  • Easy and fast print head replacement with rapid connectors

Durst Gamma XD Easy Service


DM – Digital Material Printing Technology

Create new stunning tile designs with this new optional DM print head technology with its unique capability of jetting large amounts of digital ceramic materials, glue inks, etc. and effects such as luster, glossy, matt, white, metallic. Thanks to the high laydown capacity with over 100g/m2 per color bar, the Durst DM technology provides very strong ceramic effects offering more creativity in developing new, unique tile designs. No other technology can jet such high ink amounts consistently without losing nozzles.

Software/Image Processing

  • Fast turnaround and repeating jobs thanks to the industry leading printer software and Durst Ceramic Color Management System

Durst Software Image Processing - Process

  • Up to 250 images (single graphics/designs) or 17GB of image data per Job
  • Unique Auto-Group function for jobs with multiple single graphics
  • Unique “Durst Autostructure” function for automatic structure creation when using special effect inks such as the sink-in ink
  • Choice of many languages for easy and understandable operation

Durst Software Image Processing - Software


Dual Line Printing

Optional dual line operation through two completely independent printing queues. This allows printing completely different jobs/images on different tile sizes (width and length) on each line, which means 2 printers in one. The new Gamma XD Dual Line Technology offers total flexibility in dividing the full printing width for the lines in any position.

Special tile guiding system with two individually adjustable tile guides for instant and repeatable changeover from single to double line and vice versa.

Increased Production Flexibility

Printer Control

Job preparation, job management and corrections can either be carried out directly on the printer or via remote control through the Gamma PrepStation, typically installed in the lab with to have the operator just selecting the job and start the printing process.

Increased Production Flexibility

Operation Flexibility

  • Gamma XD printers with left and right hand operation print exactly the same.
  • No difference in color and overall image appearance between right and left hand versions as color sequence and printing direction remains always the same

Installation with or without Enclosure - The Durst Gamma XD Series can be installed and operated with our without an enclosure (cabin) with controlled ambient conditions.


Gamma 108 XD
319 mm (12.6 in.)
383 mm (15.0 in.)
446 mm (17.5 in.)
510 mm (20.1 in.)
574 mm (22.6 in.)
638 mm (25.1 in.)
702 mm (27.6 in.)
766 mm (30.1 in.)
829 mm (32.6 in.)
893 mm (35.1 in.)
957 mm (37.7 in.)
1000 mm (39.3 in.)
Gamma 148 XD
319 mm (12.6 in.)
383 mm (15.0 in.)
446 mm (17.5 in.)
510 mm (20.1 in.)
574 mm (22.6 in.)
638 mm (25.1 in.)
702 mm (27.6 in.)
766 mm (30.1 in.)
829 mm (32.6 in.)
893 mm (35.1 in.)
957 mm (37.7 in.)
1021 mm (40.2 in.)
1085 mm (42.7 in.)
1149 mm (45.2 in.)
1212 mm (47.7 in.)
1276 mm (50.2 in.)
1340 mm (52.7 in.)
1404 mm (55.2 in.)

Durst Gamma XD Easy Service


  • Thickness scanner and fast movement of the print engine to automatically maintain a constant and closest possible tile to print head distance for best image quality, details and sharpness independently from the tile thickness and shape.
  • Reliable performance at any speed up to 76m/min.
  • Total print head crash protection – No line stops

Innovative Color Management Solution for fast Color Matching in Ceramics

Rapid ongoing re-printing of ceramic tiles with minimum stock is becoming more and more important among many tile companies. In order to achieve this a very precise and adequate Color Management system tailored for ceramics is required.Most Color Management systems do not provide fast color matching with just 1 or 2 tests when reprinting an existing tile design after approx. 1 month or in another production location resulting in a long downtime of the effected glazing line and production loss. The new Durst-ColorGATE CMS is the first color management solution designed and optimized specifically for the requirements and conditions in ceramics(small and non - linear color space of ceramic inks, flat and structured surfaces, inconsistent process conditions).

Unique Key Advantages at a Glance:

  • Revolutionary color management solution for fast color matching for new and repeating jobs, specifically designed for ceramic inks and production conditions
  • Patented “Fingerprint” color control taking into account any variation over time(glaze, firing conditions, etc.)
  • Unique, patented “Rapid Spectro Cube” measuring device for ultrafast reading of test charts printed on flat or structured tile surfaces.
  • Reading in seconds vs. 40min. to 1.5h of other measuring systems which will drastically reduce the waiting time for starting production when repeating jobs
  • Works with all Durst and Non - Durst printers

Durst ColorGate Color Management Software

High customer satisfaction

Practical field experience at different tile companies confirm that the new ColorGATE CMS Durst Edition specifically designed for ceramics is really the first true color Management Solution which drastically reduces the number of test prints when repeating the production of existing products over time. Thanks to its unique, precise and fast color matching system ColorGATE CMS Durst Edition eliminates long glazing line downtimes and allows fast production changes and smaller production runs/batches.

Here an example illustrating the results of the first test run after an ink change and converting the files with ColorGATE CMS Durst Edition:

First ColorGATE Durst CDE Results Villagres

As one can see the results of both the first test run were basically spot-on considering that it was printed with a different ink set (most challenging work), respectively different glaze coloration and the customer was very surprised and most satisfied with such results never experienced before.

Above image texts:

  • 1) This tile is the result without using the Durst-ColorGATE CMS system
  • 2) This is the reference tile to match
  • 3) This is the first print result after an ink change using Durst-ColorGATE CMS system with the Fingerprint technology and RSC Rapid Spectro Cube one - shot hi - res measuring system
  • 4) This is the first print result with different glaze coloration using Durst-ColorGATE CMS system with the Fingerprint technology and RSC Rapid Spectro Cube one - shot hi - res measuring system

Exclusive distribution partnership for the ceramic industry

ColorGATE and Durst Phototechnik AG have recently announced their exclusive distribution partnership.

The first jointly achieved results of the cooperation, which has now lasted for almost two years, can be found in version 10.30 recently released by ColorGATE.Numerous functions and work processes have been optimized and specifically developed for the needs and conditions in ceramic tile production.Thus, the CPS meets the specific requirements in tile decoration even better and allows an easy and efficient use of the professional color management tools.

Customer Statements

Marco Benati, Ufficio Tecnico, Ceramica Sant’Agostino, Italy

"In the view of streamlining the industrialization process, we decided to rely on a consolidated partner such as Durst, and in particular to test and use the Durst-ColorGATE CMS system. Over time, thanks to the support of Durst engineers, we have achieved important results in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of the industrialization process by significantly reducing the number of test runs."

Celso Joaquim de Oliveira - Research & Development, VILLAGRES, Brazil

"We have been very impressed with the first results of our new Durst-ColorGATE CMS color management system and did not expect such a fast and precise color matching even printing the same design with different inks and glaze colors. Almost spot-on with the first test never experienced before. This will certainly increase our production efficiency."

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