Textile Printing

For the Alpha Series, Durst offers environmentally friendly, water-based, acid- and reactive-based ink systems as well as the new advanced digital pigment ink. It is the first ink system on the market that enables a one-step process with soft touch and brilliant colors. It delivers impressive printing results with excellent light fastness and wet rub fastness and can be used on most types of fabric.

Reactive Ink - The Cotton Ink

The GOTS-certified Durst reactive inks were developed for classic applications such as home textiles, curtains, bed and sofa covers, clothing and fashion. They are suitable for printing cotton and cotton blends with a cotton content greater than 60% as well as polyamide and silk.

Dispersion Ink - The Polyester Ink

Flags, banners, outdoor signage, POP applications, automotive applications and home textiles are often made with synthetic fibers. Durst Disperse Inks are designed for printing on polyester and polyester blends with a polyester content over 50%.

Pigment Ink - Universal Textile Ink

The pigment ink system specially developed by Durst can be used universally in the textile sector. It is characterized by excellent color rendering and a soft feel at the same time. Pre- and post-treatment steps are omitted in most standard applications, so that the highest level of economic efficiency is guaranteed in production.

Subliflix Dye-Sub Ink

Notre nouvelle génération d'encre dye-sub, la SUBLIFIX, offre des performances optimales pour une large gamme d'applications de signalisation douce et de tissus :

- Gamme de couleurs améliorée
- Impression vibrante en 4 couleurs
- Couleurs claires et couleurs de processus supplémentaires disponibles
- Optimisée pour la fixation en ligne et l'impression par transfert à double usage
- Excellentes propriétés de séchage
- Grande variété de polyester
- Fixation sans contact