UV inks for labels and low-migration primary packaging

A number of different UV inks are available for Durst Tau printing systems. Depending on the selected application, high resistance, adhesion, lightfastness and color space as well as low migration and odor reduction are decisive criteria fulfilled by our inks. Tau UV inks are also characterized by a very high print quality.

Tau RSC UV Ink - High edge sharpness

With the release of the labelpress Tau 330RSC, the new ink set Tau RSC UV Ink has been introduced. During developement, the focus was set on excellent flow characteristics with at the same time high edge sharpeness. With 7 process colors it is possible to cover up to 98% of the Pantone color scale and reproduce corporate colors exactly. Tau RSC UV Inks are light-fast and resistant to chemical influences

Tau RSC LM Ink - RSC ink for food packaging materials

The Tau RSC Low Migration inks have been specially developed for applications in the food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. The inks have been formulated on the basis of joint regulations, tested by independent testing institutes and declared to be compliant.

Tau Standard UV Ink - High Color Gamut

A key feature of this high-performance UV ink is its large color space. 4 process colors cover up to 70% of the Pantone color scale, with 6 colors covering up to 90%. Tau UV ink also provides excellent opaque white in single-pass mode with 80% opacity. Tau UV inks are light-fast, scratch-resistant, and resistant to chemical influences, which is why they are particularly suited to outdoor applications as well as industrial and safety labeling. Tau UV inks are UL-certified, and can be used on a large number of different materials and surfaces.

Tau HD UV Ink - High Density

Tau HD UV-ink (high-density or highly pigmented) features an extended color space. 4 process colors cover up to 80% of the Pantone color scale. This ink also achieves significant cost savings, as it allows up to 25% less ink to be applied depending on the design. Furthermore, this ink is ideal for printing inexpensive, selfadhesive labels.

Tau Low Migration UV Ink - Printing ink for food packaging materials

Tau low-migration UV inks allow printing on primary food packaging. This could include self-adhesive labels for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals as well as special packaging such as aluminum caps or folding cartons. Their chemical composition meets all the guidelines of the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA) and the Swiss Ordinance list.