Floor tiles

Ceramic tiles are made from clay compositions and other inorganic raw materials. They are ground and/or slipped, moulded and subsequently dried and fired at temperatures from 1000°C/1830°F to 1250°C/2280°F to make them acquire the required properties in a stable way.

These tiles are usually denser and heavier than wall tiles nowadays mostly Porcelain stoneware.
Available with glazed or unglazed surface, floor tiles are designed to have sufficient strength, impact and abrasion resistance to withstand weight and foot traffic. Porcelain stoneware is also suitable for outdoor use.

Completely inert product with sealed surface
No fading, stains, no sealing required - easy to clean
Surfaces with ceramic tiles are antimicrobia and antibacterial preventing the spread of bacteria, virus and germes.
Ceramic tiles, especially porcelain tiles are the most durable flooring options with no maintenance.
Tile decorated with Durst Gamma XD are not distinguishable from natural products