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Over the past two years, PMI has invested in one Durst P5 350 and three P5 350 HS printers to meet their productivity needs. PMI President Ke Huihe said, "We call it the printer of next generation, which means it has entered a new era compared to other inkjet technologies in the past. So, in a very short period of time, not only Taiwan and Shanghai, but we will also invest the printer of this system in Japan in the future".

Established in 1985, PMI started from photo flushing business. Just as its name means "I’m possible", for more than 30 years, PMI has repeatedly broken boundaries and embraced infinite possibilities. Talking about the relationship with Durst, Ke recalled: "when we were engaged in photo flushing, PMI was already the client of Durst. Because Durst’s enlarger had the best quality in the world at that time. More than 20 years ago, Durst launched a product that shocked the world - Durst Lambda. It had really improved the performance of the entire industry. At most, we used to have five Lambdas." And for this reason, Ke has always had a long-term recognition of the Durst brand.

The market orientation of PMI is always very clear - serving the customers at the top of the pyramid with the world's top talents, technologies, and equipment. Ke said: "Because these customers have the harshest requirements. We are also strict with ourselves, from the management of enterprise and team to the process, system, and technology. And of course, the most important is that you need the best equipment in the world."

He commented: "the new Durst P5 series are very good and mature in the advertising industry. Because the demand of the market has been increasing, the delivery time that customers give us is getting shorter and shorter. So, faster speed and more stable quality is a direction we pursue.

“Durst printer,its machinery, accessories and accuracy shall be the best in the world. Of course, in its ink and software, Durst has nearly a decade of experience. So after the installation, we actually got start very quickly and replace our old equipments even soon.” Ke added: ”I've been waiting for such a printer for years. I think faster speed and more stable quality can shorten not only the delivery time but also the working time of employees. I think it makes a big difference to the operation of the whole company.”

In recent years, under the impact of the pandemic, PMI has still achieved smooth business development, which not only comes from the support and trust of all the customers, but also from the hard work of every PMI partners.  In Ke’s opinion, the best clients need the best products. They also look for the best supplier. And the best supplier must choose the best equipment. All these complement each other.

For more than 30 years, Durst and PMI have maintained a good relationship of cooperation, and in the future, we look forward to continuing to create value together.