With P5 Production Excellence Durst pursues a holistic solution to make your production cycle as efficient as possible, from pixel to output. The innovative P5 printing systems convince in every printing environment with high flexibility and versatility and enable combined with the Durst Software solutions to get the maximum out of your printing production.

P5 Printing System
The P5 printing systems elevates the efficiency in your production cycle
P5 Automat
Full and 3/4 automation
Safety and versatility
A-Frame integration
Printing Systems
P5 350/HS
P5 210/HS
P5 250 WT
Multiroll & dual roll
Multitrack 6
Auto media change
Inline fixation
Corrugated printing
LED inks
Dye-sublimation inks
Water-based inks
UV inks
Edel Messereklame Digitaldruck achieved the highest level of automation with LiftERP and Durst Workflow
Smart Shop
Achieve Errorless Online Design with Durst Smart Shop Production-Ready Feature

Allow your customers to customize their product directly on your ecommerce site and receive their creations as production-ready files.

Durst Smart Shop eCommerce offers your customers an online tool to customize products and finishings in a smart and flexible way, allowing eyelets, sewing, bleed and other marks to be displayed and integrated to the file.

As soon as your customers initiates the order, a print-ready file is produced. This file can then be transferred to our Durst Workflow or any other RIP software. This guarantees a smooth production flow and a perfect print quality.

Save time and resources with Durst Smart Shop eCommerce solution.

Save up to 30% on ink consumption with Durst Workflow Save Ink Feature

Substantially reduce your ink consumption while maintaining color accuracy with the new Durst Workflow "save ink" feature.

After a number of tests using randomly selected customers, with different color-setups, different profiles and print settings, we demonstrated that is possible to save up to 30% on ink consumption.

When creating a substrate profile, it is possible to save a substantial amount of ink through numerous optimizations, such as adjusting the black point. If this substrate profile is used for production, one of the predefined ink save profiles (low, medium or extreme) can be applied with just one click. For each of these ink save profiles, an algorithm is applied that reduces the amount of cyan, magenta, and yellow by optimizing the black composition without any noticeable loss of quality.

Save ink and reduce production costs with Durst Workflow.

Lift ERP
Save up to 40% on production planning time with Durst Lift ERP Scheduling Feature

Maximize the productivity of your machines and your employees with a perfectly streamlined production flow.

Orders are submitted by customers with many different print media, finishing types and delivery dates. Durst Lift ERP automatically sorts and schedules all incoming orders and provides a clear overview on your order situation. This allows you to reduce job hours by reducing waiting time, downtime, and redundant machine setup, increasing your productivity up to 40%.

Preparing production list for production from spreadsheet often translates into a time-consuming process for your employees.

Durst Lift ERP automates this procedure and allows you to manage your resources in a more effective way.

Enhance your productivity and get the most of your equipment with Durst Lift ERP.

Manage your productivity with Durst Analytics Live Dashboard Visualization

Get complete data transparency and a clear insight of your productivity at any time with Analytics data visualization.

Durst Analytics is a web-based solution that leverages your Durst printer´s data to provide clear insight of your productivity through an intuitive and interpretable data visualization.
Compare production throughput, such as printed square meters, over days, months, or years. Manage your productivity and easily identify bottlenecks in production processes thanks to the simple Analytics Live Dashboard visualization.

Make data-driven decisions and increase the productivity of your printing devices with Durst Analytics.

The P5 printing system can be easily combined with different 3rd party finishing systems!

For example, every model of the Fotoba Cutter system can be integrated with the P5 Series.

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