Durst digital printing

PUBBLISERVICE The rapid expansion of the label market prompted the company to invest in a Durst Tau printing system in 2017 and in a second machine now.

Pubbliservice Srl was founded in 1984 in Parma/I as a traditional screen printing company out of the passion of the Salati family. In 2015, the business expanded with the opening of a new division dedicated to digital label printing, able to interact with traditional finishing systems.

"Our customer base includes small manufacturers and suppliers who turn to us to produce highly customised products," explains Filippo Salati, Pubbliservice sales manager, "a service for which the speed of execution and quality guaranteed by Tau is a key element."

The evolution of Pubbliservice's business and the continuous growth that has characterised the labels sector in recent years have led the company to expand its production department and invest in a second Tau. A decision dictated by the desire to enter new markets by being able to quickly meet the demands of a larger customer base with this new addition.

Installed at Pubbliservice in March 2023, the new Tau 330 RSC has a CMYK + white configuration and is equipped with an inspection camera that allows real-time print quality verification. The company's goals for the near future include the development of an online shop dedicated to custom label printing.
(Image source: MetaPrintArt)