Durst digital printing

Digiprint S.A., a leading vertically integrated provider of digital printing, advertising and large format printing in Greece, has once again confirmed its preference for Durst by investing in the 5th Durst printer in a row, namely the new P5 500 D4 digital roll-to-roll printer with a printing width of 5.24 meters and a maximum production speed of 360 m2/hour at 2 passes.

Digiprint is constantly investing in the enrichment of its state-of-the-art equipment and the adoption of innovative technological methods.
Consistent with the above business strategy, the company recently made another investment in the new digital roll-to-roll printer Pinnacle Level in Super-Wide Format Printing Durst P5 500 D4 accompanied by DURST WORKFLOW (Prepress & Production automation) with White color with a maximum production speed of 360 sqm/hour in 2 Pass mode.

Mr. Lefteris Soumpasis said about this new addition to the fleet: "Already, for several years, we have been working with Durst's very reliable and most productive printers, the Rho 500R, a 5 meter roll printer, the Rho 800HS and the previous flagship from Durst, the Rho 1312, flatbed printers for printing flexible and rigid materials, up to 2.5 meters wide, with excellent quality and speed results. Each machine has enabled us to grow our presence in the market and offer services with quality, delivery times and prices that make our customers happy.

Durst digital printing

After the pandemic, the volume of our work showed an increase and the new investment comes to meet our new needs in speed and quality as well as automation in production.

The first "introduction" to the machine was during a demonstration visit to Durst's headquarters in Brixen, Italy.

During the visit it was confirmed once again that Durst listens to the needs of its customers and adapts according to their requests even the industrial design of its equipment, as was the case with the design of the equipment I ordered with 10 channels in order to have the possibility of additional colours, such as white, etc.
At the recent Fespa exhibition in Germany, when visiting the Durst stand, the confirmation of the choice of the new equipment, which has cutting-edge technology in the field of ultra-wide large format printing, the P5 500 D4 printer, was, I would say, easy. Durst's well-known top technology, the long-term harmonious cooperation with Lino were factors in line with our philosophy: to continue offering high quality services with very fast delivery times and competitive costs with modern, quality and productive printers".

The Top Level in wide format printing

Durst P5 500 D4 is a large format printer with LED curing technology. With a printing width of 5.2 m, it is suitable for many roll-to-roll applications for unrivalled production. An integrated roll support greatly simplifies media loading and changing. Rolls can be processed in single, dual and triple mode - in dual mode even asymmetrically. It is capable of printing one 5.24 m roll or simultaneously printing two 2.5 m rolls or three 1.625 m wide rolls or even 2 asymmetrical rolls (3.2 m + 1.625 m). Printing can be done unattended by the operator, with reliable performance and most importantly with excellent print quality even at very high production speeds allowing printing companies to complete their jobs faster.

The Durst P5 Double 4 (D4) technology maximizes the productivity of the P5 UV series printing systems through the implementation of a double CMYK color configuration. With print heads that deliver a 7 picoliters drop, the resolution is 700x1200 dpi or 900x1200 dpi. It can be configured with 10 channels by adding other colors. The printer has a system for automatic measurement of the width of the printing materials, a system for holding the materials at the edges, printing on both sides with absolute coincidence and systems for cutting the printed roll at the output without interrupting the printing.