Durst produces "Community-Masks"

in the Customer Experience Center Brixen

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Durst produces "Community-Masks" in the Customer Experience Center

From mid-April, Durst will produce masks with an integrated filter function for industrial work environments on the textile printing and processing systems which are located in the demo center in Brixen for customer demonstrations.

Durst has many years of experience with filter systems, as these take on a kind of “cleaning function” in the printing press to filter out microparticles in the ink supply systems so that the print heads do not become clogged and are always ready for use.

Durst community masks printed on Rhotex 325
Durst Rhotex 325

Rhotex 325 with 6 colors in operation

The "Community-Masks" have a certified filter membrane (type N95) with hydrophobic properties and microporous structure. Despite the high filtration efficiency of up to 95%, they are particularly breathable and suitable for long wearing.

Durst community masks editing
Filter efficiency of the standard materials
Filter type
Filter efficiency @ 300 nm (0,3 µm)
Cotton holder
1 layer of Tempo handkerchief
1 layer of kitchen paper
Standard-Maske FFP1
Standard mask FFP2
Standard mask N95
Standard mask FFP3
Standard mask N100
Durst community masks

Which mask with which filtration class (FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3) depends particularly on the workplace environment. FFP3 filters are used in the medical environment.

Despite the filter element used, the masks are not for medical use.

What makes the Durst masks special

Durst community mask Typ N95 filter
  • High quality workmanship „Made in South Tyrol“ by Durst and protected sewing workshops
  • Special filter element, highly effective (type N95) exchangeable and reusable
  • Despite high filter efficiency, good breathability
  • Customizable with logo, text and designs
  • Textile materials are washable and OEKO-TEX 100 certified

The masks are constructed in 3 layers, the polyester fleece textile materials are comfortable to wear and washable, the filter membrane can be reused after disinfection by spraying with alcohol and can also be easily replaced if necessary.

Design your own "Community-Mask"

Competition for children

Durst community masks designer

We want to enable our children to playfully deal with the COVID-19 situation with a creative competition. In the Smart Editor, the masks can be designed with graphics, texts, colors and even your own pictures. Durst will draw 10 creations from all entries and produce them for the winners free of charge.

Availability of the masks

Durst will initially manufacture the masks for its own group and its sister company Alupress and will then make the production capacity and know-how available to other companies in order to make the customizable masks available to the general public.

The community masks can be obtained in the Trentino-South Tyrol region personalized from the company Kunst & Dünger Solutions under their DEKOZON brand.

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Durst community masks at work


“VergissMeinNicht” (vergissmeinnicht.bz.it), a social cooperative in Bruneck giving young cross-border workers and people with disabilities a place in the world of work, will be partnering Durst for processing and assembling the masks. Under the motto appreciation and added value, the specialized sewing service finalizes the “community masks” in a protected environment. It also focuses on sustainability for packaging.

Durst masks fabric
Durst masks fabric

Disclaimer: Community Masks

The "community masks" produced by Durst are constructed in 3 layers and have a filter membrane. The selected filter membrane was subjected to a detailed effectiveness test in the Durst laboratories and in addition Durst will have the measured values verified by an independent institute.
Durst explicitly points out that this is not protective equipment in accordance with VO (E) 2016/425 or a medical device in accordance with Directive 93/42 / EEC.