Durst wins the prestigious Brazilian Award “XIX Prêmio Mundo Cerâmico 2020-2021” for the best supplier of digital decoration printers


Every year the the leading trade magazine for the Brazilian ceramic industry is promoting a competition in the different sectors of the Brazilian ceramic production chain through suppliers, industry, retailers and specifiers and organizing a special event to hand out the prestigious award to the best rated companies of each sector. As part of the Award Ceremony held on May 28, 2021 were also interviews with many important players of the industry which provided great inside views to the ceramic industry in Brazil and it is therefore always worth participating to this well organized and informative event and ceremony.

Durst received again this prestigious Prêmio Mundo Cerâmico Award for the best supplier of digital decoration printers based on customer votings and we are very honoured as with this customers are confirming that our Durst Gamma printers, especially the latest XD Series, perform to their full satisfaction assuring the best print quality for the tile decoration (natural look, details, color gradations, color strength, uniformity and contrast) and have been best rated digital printers aslo in regard to economic aspects, such as high uptime with very low maintenance costs resuting in low total cost of ownership.

Durst Gamma XD printers helped many Brazilian customers to diversify from others by creating impressive and innovative, demanding tile designs without limitations, necessary to set new trends and to attract the interest of new customers for expanding the business.

The last generation Durst Gamma XD Series Printers are widely recognized by many customers worldwide as the best performing digital ceramic décor printers thanks to their unmatched print quality with no banding or lines and production and repeatability consistency without ongoing re-adjustments.

Durst is constantly investing in research and development to provide new technological innovations for our customers in ceramics to allow them to substantially innovate and so continuously strengthn their market position not just within the ceramic tile market but also in respect to other flooring and wall decoration materials in competition with the ceramic tile.

Back in 2004 Durst was first to develop and introduce a single pass digital printers for the tile decoration with pigmented ceramic inks and has revolutionized the ceramic tile design and production. Now with the Gamma DG Durst has introduced another revolutionary single pass technology to digitally print structures on flat tiles. This technology uses the proprietary Durst RockJET™ printhead technology, fully developed and manufactured by Durst, and allows for the first time digital printing of ceramic glazes with very large particle sizes (>45 microns), similar to traditional glazes and laydowns up to 1kg/m2 to create highly defined structures with the glaze jetted in a targeted manner, ensuring total product shading. The extreme fidelity in the reproduction of the structures in high defintion and in total correspondence with the graphics offers a very natural result, which significantly differentiates them from those made with traditional technologies with very limited and therefore repetitive structures not in register with the design. The visual and tactile effects obtained with Gamma DG make the final product look extremely natural and hardly distinguishable from natural materials. This system finally allows to get out of the current product flattening (appiattimento) through a real technological product innovation that cannot be imitated without having this unique and innovative printing technology in house.

The first Gamma DG printers are already in full industrial production in Italy for quite some time and wider versions for tile slabs are in fieldtest.