Printwerk e.Kfm, Erlangen, Germany

Durst Rho 512R LED delivers top quality for demanding customers

Consulting, project planning, printing, construction and assembly - Printwerk e.Kfm. in Erlangen, Germany, has been supplying innovative special solutions for large format printing, trade fairs, events, POS and retail for over 30 years. World-famous brands such as Adidas, Siemens and Schaeffler are part of the company's customer base. In August 2019 Printwerk e.Kfm acquired a Durst Rho 512R LED and is very enthusiastic about the quality, printing speed and reliability of the machine.

“Our customers expect a reliable and fast delivery and this is guaranteed with the Rho 512R LED”, says Marlene Dinkel, Operations Manager. “Many special fabrics can be printed easily with the Durst printer. The material handling is superb which means that a 30- or 50-meter roll can run through without creasing, which is not always given with other machines. The print quality is extremely good which is particularly important for fabrics that are used for light boxes which are backlit.”

“We are very satisfied and from our point of view the investment has paid off immediately as the Durst Rho 512R LED runs so consistently well and reliably. The installation went well and we were sufficiently supported and trained by Durst.”

"But the Durst Professional Services team does not stand still. We are now working together to implement an interface from the ERP system to the workflow in order to further increase the speed from order entry to printing. In the next 6 - 12 months we want to introduce an approval portal so that customers can see and approve their print image faster and delivery times can be shortened again. Together with Durst, we are already planning an online shop so that customers can design and order online as required. Without Durst's future-oriented and competent employees, this project would certainly not have been so successful! Durst Professional Services has been a strong partner for us from the very beginning. No matter whether we need support for our workflow or our printing press, Durst's competent employees always have a solution ready for us.”

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