Data-Mate multiplies its label capacity with Durst

Success Stories

Kristian Karvinen (Sales Manager), Samu Scheiman (Managing Director), Marek Laur (Production Manager)

Kristian Karvinen (Sales Manager), Samu Scheiman (Managing Director), Marek Laur (Production Manager)

The Vantaa-based printing house Data-Mate Oy in Finland is expanding its label production in order to be able to offer even larger batches of roll labels at a competitive price. For this purpose, the Durst Tau 330 RSC E digital printing press utilizing Durst´s latest UV technology has been put into use.

Data-Mate's current digital printing equipment using toner technologyhas printed tens of millions of sticker labels, but the printing technology is not suited anymore for the companys growth plans. Datamate is stating that with the new high-speed Tau 330 RSC E UV inkjet printing machine, it is possible to cost-effectively print significantly larger batches and transation even larger flexo jobs to digital. The company's production capacity in the production of digital roll labels will in the future be up to 1,500 square meters per hour with highest printing quality.

The investment was also influenced by the desire to offer even better and more consistent print quality. Dursts RSC technology enables very accurate color reproduction and the powerful Durst Tau RSC UV Inks inks are bright and have excellent resistance to light and wear. In addition, the Tau 330 RSC E offers excellent print quality with a constant 1200 dpi resolution, says Samu Scheiman, CEO of Data-Mate.

“We want to be at the forefront of development, and these devices are the future of printing larger series with digital technology”, says Scheiman.

”The Tau 330 RSC E can be used to print on a wide variety of paper surfaces and plastics. In addition to stickers, we can also print other roll products such as wrap around bands for drinking bottles and various plastic or paper bands. Finishing to the desired shape can be done with a digital cutter and punching”.

According to Scheiman, flexible delivery times are digital printing's absolute strength.

”The new equipment speeds up deliveries even more. In the future, even for large orders, Data-Mate will be able to promise a fast delivery time, which serves very well e.g. the rapidly changing needs of the modern food industry.”

Data-Mate is a family business founded in 1986 that offers the production of adhesive labels and roll labels. The company also manufactures cardboard boxes and packaging with Fogra-certified digital printing equipment.