Gamma 108 XD 4.0

Gamma 108XD 4.0 - Single Pass Digital Decoration Printer for printing widths up to 1000mm

Compare to the previous Gamma printers, the Gamma XD Series feature a new, innovative printer design with new technologies that have significantly enhanced its performance. This new series of digital printers for pigmented ceramic inks, in fact, is the result of the experience developed by Durst, the first company to develop and introduce a digital printer dedicated to the ceramic industry back in 2004. The Gamma XD Series, thanks to its new printer concept with a new high performance and cost efficient printhead design and ink management system, provides an unreached print quality, reliability, and design flexibility. Gamma XD printers are rated the best single pass digital ceramic printers in terms of long-term repeatability, important for re-reproducing the same tile collections over time, uptime and very low service and maintenance costs.

Exceptional high print quality without banding & lines
Uptime 97-100%
Over 10 million m2/year without changing print heads
Large drop Durst DM print heads for effect inks
Very low service and maintenance costs (6000 to 8000 EUR/Year)


OPEN INK SYSTEM Certified ceramic color and effect inks available from all major ink manufacturers


HIGH WORKFLOW EFFICIENCY Sophisticated user software for preparing and correcting jobs directly on the printer or remotely via optional Hotfolder or Gamma PrepStation for production monitoring. Full synchronization with the revolutionary Durst Gamma DG - Digital Structure Printing Technology
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