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Print Workflow Solution

Streamlines the print workflow and gets the maximum out of your printer

  • Complicated file handling and version conflicts are a thing of the past
  • Precise color management functionalities make better application results possible
    (clean solid colors, neutral gray axis, individual black point compensation, thinner ink layer)
  • Fast and easy workflow with parallel ripping makes the print process more convenient
    (order | article | production job based workflows, simplified color matching, automatic reports)


print ready files with a simple and streamlined prepress workflow


production jobs with maximum quality and speed


in Durst quality and productivity


your production data

E-Commerce Solution

Our e-commerce solution helps to attract new customers whether you deal with businesses (B2B) or directly with end customers (B2C).

  • Your customer can create orders individually using intuitive product configurators, online editors and sophisticated 3D product visualization.
  • You can easily manage your product portfolio and order fulfilment, providing the tools necessary to drive the business.
  • We support your online marketing with integrated statistics tools.


new customers with our open shop solution


with your customers via a web platform


your order fulfilment with integrated MIS functions

Closed shop / Corporate solution

Our B2B portal engages your customers, digitizes your print order process and customer communication.

  • It facilitates easy and transparent communication, strengthening the relationship between the print company and the customers.
  • Not only do we present products in a standard way, we also provide customers a unique tool to configure, personalize and visualize designs to their needs.
  • All relevant data are structured and easily accessible for the print company and the customer. We provide the tools necessary to drive the business.


engage your customer via a customized B2B portal


Simplifies customer communication


Entry level: Simplifies the order fulfillment


Consultancy & Integration

We advise and guide you through your successful project implementation.

Our staff of consultants and system integrators help you with their e-commerce, prepress, applications and software knowledge to find the best solutions for you.

Our skilled consultants and integrators will work with you to:

  • Streamline and automate your print workflow
  • Improve your application results
  • successfully implement an e-commerce solution



Our training center offers customers the opportunity to participate in one of our target-group-oriented training courses.


  • Qualified operator
  • Process control

Maintenance Engineer

  • Preventive mainentance
  • Guided troubleshooting
  • Proper repair

Shift Supervisor

  • Printing performance
  • Maintenance
  • Production statistic

Workflow Prepress Specialist

  • Printing performance
  • Efficient workflow

Web Shop Specialist

  • Qualified Operator
  • Web-shop administrator



Basic Contract

  • Preventive maintenance intervention including maintenance parts and consumables
  • Support Phone/Email/Remote (Monday to Friday)

Standard Contract

  • Preventive maintenance intervention including maintenance parts and consumables
  • Service intervention including spare parts (no printheads, no consumables)
  • Support Phone/Email/Remote (Monday to Friday)

Full Service Contract

  • Preventive maintenance intervention including maintenance parts and consumables
  • Service intervention including spare parts (no Consumables)
  • Service intervention including printheads
  • Support Phone/Email/Remote (Monday to Friday)

Software Contracts

  • Remote support free of charge
  • Free updates for Durst Print Workflow
  • Reduced local flat rate of 10%
  • Discount of 7% for DW refresher training modules

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