Success Story - Graphic Service

Success Stories
Fast service, fast production, customized delivery, varnish and relief with P5 350 HS and P5 Automat

“What we offer is fast service, fast production, customized delivery throughout Italy and, if necessary, assembly of the products at the point of sale. All done by a single company. When a client is used to turnaround times of 7-10 days, he certainly experiences emergencies where it is necessary to deliver in two days, and we never say no, because with the digital machine, I simply get the graphics, rip them, and are ready to print.” says Davide Brandolini, Co-Owner of Graphic Service, Bologna. “We have done exciting projects with the embossed material (3D) and people like it a lot; they like it a lot because this type of printing enables you to move from the pure product to a store design business. With Varnish, in different layers, I can offer additional beautiful products.”