Graf Color, Eco Digital Print - Ideas take shape with Durst P5 250 WT

Success Stories

Founded in 1987 in Pescara, Graf Color started with small format printing and expanded into large format printing with Durst Rho 750 and Durst P10 HS. To meet the market demands for ecological plastic-free products, Graf Color invested in a Durst P5 250 WT. The Durst Water Technology printer, not only allows higher productivity in cardboard printing, but qualitatively it is like offset.

A big advantage over offset or flexo is the flexibility that digital printing offers, allowing the file to be printed directly and the product can be shipped the same day.

Thanks to the confidence in Durst and the sustainable mindset of the company, Graf Color has invested in a P5 Tex to be able to offer in the future also new applications, especially in interior design, and thus to be able to offer the customer all applications from UV printing over water-based cardboard printing, as well as sublimated fabric printing - a 360° service.

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