With the flexible P5 printing system, we can perfectly serve the trend of corrugated printing and sustainability.

Success Stories
Gramann Digitaldruck GmbH produces products for the POS market. This includes everything around the shelf, ceiling hangers, floor stickers, shelf wobblers, posters and displays. Especially in the field of packaging and cardboard displays and overall in the corrugated sector, the demand from customers is constantly increasing. With the flexible P5 printing system, this trend can be served perfectly, and even complex projects can be implemented without any problems.

With a daily production volume of up to 50,000 square meters per day, Gramann supplies trading companies from Norway to South Africa, from Portugal to Dubai. However, the company not only handles printing, but also takes care of prepress, 3D design and product development. Thanks to digital production, customer projects can be implemented comprehensively and served from a single source. Even pilot runs or short runs can be produced with ease.

"Every day, customers come to us with challenges that at first seem unsolvable. But as soon as we have successfully implemented the projects, we think - cool, what we can do!" emphasizes Antonius Gramann, CEO Gramann Digitaldruck GmbH.

Gramann recently invested in the P5 350 hybrid printing system and is thrilled. Above all, the machine convinces in the following 5 points:

  • Roll-to-roll function - The perfectly working roll-to-roll function of the hybrid printing system is in no way inferior to that of a pure roll-to-roll press.

  • White printing - Especially the possibility of 5-layer printing.

  • Corrugated printing - The ability to process corrugated printing is a medium of the future. Above all, printing brown corrugated board with white represents a clear trend.

  • Flexibility – The roll-to-roll function can be preloaded while the press is running. This enables an uninterrupted printing process. With board printing, on the other hand, small runs, many motifs, changing print runs on the same medium and different board formats can be handled easily without having to retool or change over the press each time.

  • Cost-effectiveness - The press can be used in a very wide range of applications and impresses with its low ink, energy, and power consumption.

"For us, the future clearly lies in the corrugated sector. Here we are talking about packaging in short to medium runs" explains Mr. Gramann "The trend is that customers want to move away from plastic. Corrugated board is paper - you almost can't get more sustainable than that."

Learn more about the P5 350/HS large format printer in our virtual showroom: