There are millions and millions of traffic signs all over the world, and they come in all shapes, colors and sizes. But what makes them special is that they need to respect very specific regulations such as reflectivity and color specifications, and it is important that they are weather resistant and long lasting. In the Traffic Sign industry, digital printing is more precise and efficient compared to the analogue way. The Rho 163 TS enables our customers to achieve an excellent printing quality for all traffic signs and to handle short run jobs in an economical way.

Durst Rho 163 TS - The industrial hybrid traffic sign printer

The Durst Rho 163 TS is designed for unattended printing up to 100 m traffic sign rolls. Using 6 Colors, CMYK plus 2 Spot colors R+B, it reaches a max speed of approx. 100 sq.m./hour for non-regulated signs and 50 sq.m/h for regulated traffic signs.

3M MCS Warranty for Regulated traffic signs

The regulated traffic signs have up to 12 years 3M MCS Warranty and comply with global colorimetry as well as retroreflection specifications like ASTM or EN 12899.

In order to ensure 100% conformity with these important parameters, our partner 3M always makes a final quality check of sample prints before a machine gets finally delivered to a customer.

On demand printing with the Durst Rho 163 TS

A definitive highlight of the digital printing system for traffic signs is the possibility of “on demand printing”. Short runs or one-off jobs can be easily managed.

Furthermore, traffic signs and graphics/ images with custom color can now be printed simultaneously.

Signs and images can be nested with minimum media waste prior to printing, cut-marks can be applied for automatic cutting on an external automatic cutting unit after printing.

Durst user interface for controlled production

When it comes to Software, the Rho 163 TS includes the user friendly Durst user interface with batch processing capability, overview of statistic information like ink usage, printed sq.m (sq.ft) and other features such as maintenance alert messages.

Additionally, flexible paneling of big size traffic signs or highway signs can be prepared and sent to the Rho 163TS printing queue for printing.


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