LIXIL Partner Excellence Award given again to DURST / GOTO INC, Japan – two times in a row


Nagoya, Japan / Brixen, Italy – 16.06.2021 – LIXIL, the leading Japanese ceramic tile and sanitary ware manufacturer, after an interruption in 2020 due to the pandemic, recently held again its annual Partner Excellence Award ceremony in cooperation with their purchasing and logistics departments.

The prestigious LIXIL Partner Excellence Award is given only to companies that have greatly contributed to the success of LIXIL in the past year in terms of important overall business development as well as quality and technological improvements.

From the more than 1000 companies/suppliers that have done business with LIXIL in 2020, only 382 companies were invited to the LIXIL policy briefing session and Award which was held on May 18, 2021. From this number only to 9 companies the prestigious LIXIL Partner Excellence Award for their great business contribution demonstrated in 2020 was handed out, of which one was again GOTO INC, the exclusive distributor for Durst Ceramics equipment in Japan. GOTO INC. and Durst received this Partner Excellence Award thanks to the major technological innovation developed for direct digital printing and handling the innovative and unique LIXIL ECOCARAT mosaic tile collection. ECOCARAT, is one of the main ceramic tile product series for LIXIL featuring a patented, innovative "breathable” technology.

Thanks to the special developments for a direct handling and decorating loose mosaic tiles in an industrial production line without the use of trays, GOTO INC. and Durst have successfully implemented the first industrial solution worldwide for an efficient and cost-effective direct digital mosaic tile production in mainstream ceramic tile companies.

The Durst Gamma XD digital printing technology, known for the highest print quality, reliability and uptime in combination with special technology developed and support provided by GOTO INC. have greatly contributed for LIXIL to achieve this goal of an innovative and successful manufacturing technology, which has further strengthened the market position and business of LIXIL.

Norbert von Aufschnaiter, Segment Manager, Durst Ceramics Printing, said: “We were very glad to fulfill this challenging but most interesting requirement of our important long-time customer LIXIL together with the excellent development and manufacturing capabilities of our distributor GOTO INC. Receiving this prestigious Partner Excellence Award from LIXIL is a big honor for both GOTO INC. and Durst.”


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