Always a forerunner of new solutions, Iris Ceramica Group - a world leader in the design, production and distribution of ceramic surfaces of high technical and aesthetic quality - has chosen Durst Gamma DG technology for the development and creation of increasingly innovative materials. It has, in fact, confirmed the installation of the first Gamma 141 DG system for printing structures digitally, which will be installed in the coming months at the Group's Italian plants. Iris Ceramica Group, in particular, intends to use Durst's digital glazing line for the creation of large-format 120x120 cm slabs with unprecedented textures.

The result of intensive R&D work lasting more than 10 years, this technology represents, in fact, an unprecedented innovation destined to set new standards in ceramic production. "Durst Gamma DG is today the best answer to the new trends in the ceramic sector, where the search for three-dimensionality and naturalness thanks to the perfect match of variable structures with the corresponding décor, which represent one of the most felt needs, as also clearly emerged during the last edition of Cersaie," explains Norbert von Aufschnaiter, Segment Manager Ceramics at Durst Group.

Durst Gamma DG is the only technology that makes it possible to replicate in an indistinguishable way natural materials such as stone, marble and wood on the ceramic substrate, giving them an appearance with great added value in terms of natural look, feel and aesthetics. A result made possible thanks to Durst's special proprietary RockJET™ heads, specially developed by Durst to handle high particle size (up to 45µm) and high viscosity particles, which enable the printing of high-definition structures. In addition, Durst Gamma DG uses true water-based glazes with very low organic content, which are extremely similar to traditional glazes.

The materials made by Iris Ceramica Group with Durst technology will be destined for the high-end market, ranging from contract to wellness, from hospitality to residential, from large public architectural works to design furniture, to meet all the needs of contemporary building and living.