Durst extends the Rho 2500 series with two re-branded models

The Rho 2500 series is designed to meet the highest productivity demands for industrial digital printing such as in signage, corrugated packaging and interior décor.

The Rho 2500, successfully launched in 2019, comes with a new design and convinces with a resolution of up to 1000 dpi at 8 pl, providing even finer printing quality while maintaining high productivity of up to 1.120 sqm/h (12,055 sqft/h). The Rho 2500 is based on a modular concept and available in three print head configurations that can be upgraded at any time. Depending on the required productivity, the S model starts with six print head rows, for the next level, Rho 2500 M comprises eight head rows and the Rho 2500 L has 10 head rows.

The Rho 2500 i (industrial) and Rho 2500 HS i are designed for applications in industrial environments such as wood decoration, interior décor, corrugated packaging and displays, and substitute the current Rho 1312 ad Rho 1330 models. The HS model can achieve a maximum productivity of 1.250 sqm/h (13,450 sqft/h) and a production capacity of 600 – 800 sqm (6,458 – 8,611 sqft).

For all three versions the highly productive ‘Multiflex’ full automation is available, achieving a maximum loading and unloading capacity of 380 boards/hour. Multiflex automation can also be configured for 3/4 automated production.

All models are equipped with the Durst Analytics monitoring tool, and customers can opt for the Durst Workflow production software as well. Other options include white, dual-track print mode, a secure ink refill identification system and camera control on the outside of the printer while operating the screen. There is also an option for gradual flow printing, where a board up to 125 cm (49.2 in) long can be placed on the printing table to achieve very high gloss levels.

For the corrugated printing an automated dual track guide feature ensures that the corrugated boards remain flat and allows to change between boardsizes very quickly, increasing the efficiency of the production cycle. This feature is available for all three models of the Rho 2500 Series.