Customer Success Story, Megalabel, Brazil, Sao Paulo

Success Stories
The strategic investment in a Tau 330 RSC E in 2020 became a game changer for the Brazilian company Megalabel. Originally, their first digital label printer was only intended to ensure cost-effective industrial-scale production at very high quality and speed. And to fill the gap between flexographic printing and short-run digital production. But after a very short time, it was clear that the Tau 330 RSC E would serve Megalabel's production needs perfectly - at significantly lower production costs.  Owner Marcio Romano: " The Tau 330 RSC E made us rethink our flexo production park. Many jobs have already been moved from flexo to digital. Its print quality, a white like silk, the variety of substrates and its "aggressive" speed make the Tau the right choice for many jobs. And the support provided by Durst's Brazilian subsidiary is the icing on the cake. Support from a local partner gives us a clear competitive advantage. When we need help, it's quickly on site!"