1,800 meters of hidden object artwork for schools - Bochum 700 years

Success Stories

Our customer Niggemeyer Pro Imaging, together with the fabric company Georg+Otto-Friedrich and Durst Group AG, has produced the hidden object artwork by the book illustrator Christoph Baum on a total of 150 printed fabrics as part of Bochum's 700th anniversary. These will be made available to schools and daycare centers in Bochum and, laid side by side, result in a total length of 1,800 meters.

The complete product is environmentally friendly and a good example of sustainable production. The prints were realized on the recycled fabric 7058 with the Durst Rhotex 325. "As an entrepreneur from Bochum, I am happy to support such a project. When I first saw the artwork, I immediately accepted the request to realize it" says Managing Director Roland Niggemeyer.

More information about the project can be found on the Tourism Bochum website.