World-first true digital glaze revolution from Durst brings new shine to ceramics printing

Durst Group - True Digital Glaze

Brixen, Italy – 24/09/2018 – Durst, manufacturer of advanced digital production technologies, has announced the world’s first true digital glaze system in a major breakthrough for ceramic printing that will open up new creative horizons for customers in a growth market.

The revolutionary first single-pass true digital glaze technology is a dream come true for Durst, which has worked consistently in close partnership with customers to develop unique tiles in matt or gloss in an uninterrupted process on fine structures for more than seven years. These include textiles, leather, wood and many unusual designs – completely digitally, highly integrated and independent of batch size.

Durst has long been recognised as a pioneer in the digital decoration of ceramic tiles since developing a digital single-pass printer for pigment inks in 2003, under the name Gamma. Among the unique features advantages of its systems are the total shading with each tile having a different décor, like in nature, the ability to decorate the tiles entirely without having white edges, the top quality of high definition printing and a process that made decorations natural, so avoiding the artefact effect.

The process has continuously evolved and Durst has now announced the single-pass true full-digital glaze printing for commercial industrial tile production. Its machine, the Gamma DG 4.0, uses proprietary Durst Rockjet™ ultra-large drop size printheads and economically-efficient Durst FREE D technology. On its stand 155 in Hall D1 the Tecnargilla show in Rimini, Italy, from 24-28 September 2018, Durst has demonstrated the next evolutionary stage: the new Gamma 208 XD 5.0 printer that is able to process super-wide tiles and slabs with a maximum width of 200cm (unfired).

Durst true digital glaze printing technology provides full coverage, with structure, or even partial prior to digital printing, as well as with ceramic effect materials after digital printing. This development also includes the introduction of color management software for fast color matching for new and repeating jobs, specifically designed for ceramic inks and production conditions. The Colorgate CMS Durst Edition, which works with all Durst and non-Durst printers, has been designed and optimized for requirements and conditions in ceramics. These include small and non-linear colour space of ceramic inks, flat and structured surfaces and inconsistent process conditions.

Durst is heavily investing and working to assure full interconnectivity of all Gamma printers and peripherals with the Industry 4.0 Stand – the ‘fourth industrial revolution’. Advances also come through other software such as Durst Analytics, which provides real-time industry standard printer data and instructions exchange with central factory supervision from Durst’s headquarters in Brixen, Italy

Christoph Gamper, Durst Group CEO, said: “Digital glaze represents a quantum leap for digital ceramic printing. We are extremely proud of the result. Durst has been shaping industrial digital printing in the ceramics sector for decades. Now, for the first time, our holistic system allows matt and glossy glazes to be printed in an uninterrupted process quickly and reliably on fine structures and unusual designs – completely digitally, highly integrated and independent of batch size. Not as a superficial effect, but as a real, tangible function that makes the difference.”

Norbert von Aufschnaiter, Segment Manager, Durst Ceramics Printing, said: “When digital technology entered the world of ceramic printing, the industry changed. Durst full digital glazing is an unprecedented technology and works with glazes having very similar characteristics to the traditonal ones currently in use. It is considered an even bigger revolution than digital decoration. Gamma DG creates flat and structured glazed surfaces in a variety of styles digitally, efficiently and inexpensively.”

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Durst Group - True Digital Glaze Tecnargilla 2018
Durst Group - True Digital Glaze Tecnargilla 2018
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