Sanyo installed two new Gamma 108 XD 4.0 printers

Sanyo Tile Group elevates its Tile Décor Quality with new Durst Gamma 108XD 4.0 technology

Durst Group - Sanyo Tile Group 2018

Brixen/Italy - 12.06.2018 - Durst, a manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, is helping Taiwan customer Sanyo Tile Group to enhance its production quality with two Durst Gamma 108XD ceramic printers.

Sanyo recently installed two new Gamma 108 XD 4.0 printers from Durst with its first production of 125 x 600 mm floor tiles with a stunning wood effect and 300 x 600 mm wall tiles with a very delicate marble design. This version of the innovative and flexible 8-color inkjet ceramic printer series with a printing width up to 1000 mm for the decoration of all tile widths up to 90 cm fired, assures high printing quality and reliability with Durst's High Definition print head technology and integrated "Adaptive Dot Placement Technology". The latter guarantees banding-free printing and color consistency across the entire printing width.

Thanks to its completely redesigned ink and print head management technology the new Gamma XD Series assure a total nozzle stability with no banding or missing lines and in case of print head replacement, Durst pre-aligned, low cost print heads allowing them to be replaced quickly and simply by the operator. Maximum productivity is facilitated by a high uptime (> 95%) and an easy-maintenance design, with accessible working parts, and innovative fully retractable belt-cleaning.

Mr. Chen Tsung Chi, Vice President of Sanyo Tile Group, said: “We are impressed by the superior print quality of Gamma XD, in terms of definition and color gradient, which allows us to produce difficult designs. Apart from that, the ink consumption of Gamma XD is less than the other brands in our plant and there was no problem during the eight weeks of operation, contrary to the experience with other printers in the past”.

In addition, Mr. Chen Tsung Chi emphasizes his great satisfaction with Durst's excellent service teamwork he experienced with the installation of their first 2 Durst printers, highly appreciated by Sanyo.

Norbert von Aufschnaiter, Durst Group’s Segment Manager, Ceramics Division, adds: “Sanyo has been able to see a very visible improvement in the print quality on a range of different substrates. Our Gamma XD is delivering better definition and color gradient. Sanyo is also enjoying improved ink consumption and smooth continuous production. It is a real testament to the performance capability of the technology, which is being used by a growing number of customers across the world. We are delighted at the progress we are making and expect to make some other significant announcements soon.”

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