Kendu In-Store Visual Solutions, Donostia-San Sebastián, Spain

“Thanks to the P5 250 HS we can offer visual solutions that we couldn't have even imagined before”

Kendu In-Store, a Basque visual communication solutions specialist for the retail sector, has, in recent years, driven growth and enjoyed continuous expansion. It has built on its marketing and design strategy cornerstones and its commitment to delivering excellence as standard.

Innovation has also played a vital role in helping it maintain its market leading position. As such, Kendu In-Store has been committed to ongoing investment in state-of-art technologies chosen to help retain its competitive advantage.

Key to this, especially in the highly demanding retail sector environment, is partnering with effective and responsive suppliers like Durst.

Kendu In-Store's business relationship with Durst began in 2012 with the installation of a Rho 320-HS. Since then it’s array of Durst solutions has continued to grow. Today, four Durst printers are installed in Hernani and a further two roll-to-roll solutions have been ordered for its new facilities in Miami.

The latest investment, a Durst P5 250 HS, was recently installed in the Hernani manufacturing plant. Alex Fernández, production director of Kendu-In-Store, comments: "The installation of the equipment was much faster and easier than I expected. Throughout the process we were able to count on total support from Durst's service engineers, from the physical installation to the training stage."

In fact, the operation transferred jobs to the new addition immediately and, after several weeks, the operators were reportedly very satisfied with the printer and the user-friendly interface. The latter has also become part of the new in-house development workflow software.

Kendu-In-Store chose the first fully equipped P5 250 HS inkjet printer in the Iberian Peninsula to offer its customers an attractive alternative to the photochemical print process. Complete with six colours, white and a heavy-duty roll unit, the P5 250 HS is being used as a hybrid system.

It offers visual quality similar to offset and all the advantages of digital inkjet including colour consistency throughout the run, repeatability and low operative costs, all at the highest productivity in its class. Thanks to all these features, the P5 technology is highly responsive and reduces time-to-market.

Digital inkjet also delivers a more ecological proposal than other print production technologies. According to Álvaro Cabrera, Kendu-In-Store CEO: "There is greater concern about environmental sustainability. This is leading many clients to question the way they produce applications and search for new alternatives... all, if it is possible, without reducing quality and maintaining reasonable prices.

"Point-of-Sale (POS) is no exception and, fortunately, the P5 will encourage many customers to take the plunge to digital inkjet production. Sustainability, profitability and quality are the key values for 'Kendu' and the P5 allows us to strengthen them."

As a market leader at both national and international level, Kendu-In-Store counts on inside information about global trends. Asked about this issue, Álvaro Cabrera comments: "Brands are looking to stand out by creating memorable and attractive environments that address the progress of e-commerce. Increasingly POS is where raising the brand image is becoming even more important than selling the product.

'In the immediate future physical retail will reduce presence but enhance impact. This is becoming more evident with leading brands opening flagship store and pop-up outlets. The result will be the reduction of 'traditional shops' worldwide and, simultaneously, brand owners will demand more striking and genuine ideas. Fortunately, digital printing offers a wide array of possibilities freeing up the imagination and supporting visual creativity."

As for the P5 250 HS Álvaro Cabrera says: "Our Inspirational staff are exploring spectacularly printed applications over a wide selection of media and, thanks to the new system, we can offer visual solutions that we couldn't have even imagined before."

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