High-volume ceramic tile manufacturer Ceramic Industries Limited installs Durst's new Gamma XD Series

Brixen, Italy - 06.04.2018 - Ceramic Industries Ltd, South Africa's largest tile producer, with five production plants - Pegasus, Gryphon, Vitro, Samca Wall, Samca Floor - and an annual output of over 55 million sqm/year, has recently installed the new-generation Durst Gamma 108 XD 4.0 printer with great initial results, after a very positive experience with several Durst Gamma 75 HD printers.

Ceramic Industries Ltd, which is known for high-volume production with very fast production lines, is successfully operating the new Gamma 108 XD 4.0 with a line speed of 57 m/min. resulting in daily, high production output of approximately 16,000 sqm, even with small tile sizes.

Reliability and uptime 24/7 of the new Durst Gamma XD Series, combined with image quality and low maintenance costs, were the main reasons the choice of the new Gamma 108 XD 4.0 Printer from Durst, says Lance Foxcroft, CEO of Ceramic Industries Limited in order to achieve our production targets.

Durst's new XD Series next-generation digital ceramic d├ęcor printer has been designed for easy and fast maintenance and service. It boasts unrivalled print quality with no banding or lines, low grain visibility, excellent uptime and reliability, low maintenance and service costs. Other benefits include long print head duty cycles with no purge or ink waste and a dry belt-cleaning system.

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