Grupo Embramaco uses Durst Gamma XD Series to showcase new ceramic tile product line capabilities

The pioneering new Gamma XD technology from Durst, as been used to open up new market opportunities for Grupo Embramaco

Brixen, Italy - 12/04/2018 - The pioneering new Gamma XD technology from Durst, a manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technologies, has been used to open up new market opportunities for Grupo Embramaco that showcased new ceramic tile product lines at Expo Revistir 2018.

The Brazilian ceramic tile specialist, which has been delivering innovative ceramic tile proposals to customers for more than 40 years, printed all of its porcelain tiles shown at the fair - regarded as the "Fashion Week" of architecture and construction - on the new Durst Gamma 108XD 4.0 Series printers.

Grupo Embramaco has attracted "many new customers" with the Durst technology that prints value-added high-end products involving unique and innovative designs and finishing. Outstanding performance and low maintenance costs are crucial to its success.

Marcelo Paraluppi Rodrigues, Director Superintendent of Embramaco, said: "I am very satisfied with the Gamma 108XD 4.0 printer and if today I would have to buy a new printer I would purchase Durst again". It has enabled us to add several new ceramic tile product lines. It also helped us create impressive and innovative tile designs that has attracted a lot of customer interest. They particularly like the unique and innovative designs and finishes that combine outstanding print quality and a natural look in terms of detail, color gradations, color strength, uniformity and contrast."

He adds: "The consistent reliability and high uptime of the Gamma 108XD 4.0 assures constant high volume production with outstanding results."

Durst's 8-color Gamma XD Series next-generation digital ceramic décor printer has been designed for easy and fast maintenance and service. It boasts unrivalled print quality with no banding or lines, low grain visibility, excellent uptime and reliability, low maintenance and service costs. Other benefits include long printhead duty cycles with no purge or ink waste and a dry belt-cleaning system. Color consistency is supported by industry leading Gamma printer design and image data handling.

Norbert von Aufschnaiter, Durst Group's Segment Manager, Ceramics Division, said: "Grupo Embramaco is a shining example of how ceramic tile manufacturer are changing their thinking and raising their expectations in ceramics in partnership with Durst. Our Gamma 108XD 4.0 Printer is widely recognized by customers as the best performing digital ceramic décor printers thanks to its unmatched print quality with no banding or lines. At Revistir, 100% of all porcelain tiles on the Embramaco and Castelli booths were printed with the new Gamma 108XD 4.0 Series.

"This next-generation printer has re-invented ceramic tile decoration by enabling new possibilities for unique and creative tile design and ultimate production efficiency thanks to its high quality inkjet technology and unique print engine. It is reliable and its uptime is maximized with affordable maintenance and service cost ensure a very competitive low total cost of ownership."

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Durst Gamma 108 XD 40

Durst Gamma 108 XD 40

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