FaberExposize GmbH, Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Germany

FaberExposize invests in Durst and triples sales

“Since 2016 we have doubled our number of employees and tripled sales in the last three years – a result we are very satisfied with.”

Johannes Bernardus Smeman, Managing Director of FaberExposize GmbH

In 2016 the international company FaberExposize took over the large-format printing firm XXL Megaprint in Heiligenstadt. The company brought the printing equipment up to date and in recent years has invested in a Rho P10 200, a 2 meter UV flatbed printer, a Rhotex 325 industrial multi-printing system for soft signage and textile applications, and a Rho 512R printer with flexible UV inks. This allowed the company to cover new products, materials and larger formats in a short time. Since then, FaberExposize has been expanding steadily.

FaberExposize GmbH is a subsidiary of Faber Group AG, an established brand in German-speaking countries and responsible for the entire DACH region. The FaberExposize team is driven by the passion for large format printing. The product range extends from hoisting flags, national flags, advertising banners, interior decorative flags, beach flags and covers for safety antennas to parasols, pop-up banners and deckchairs. The core business also includes wallpaper, films, plate printing, vinyl design floors and, of course, everything to do with the trade fair business, including assembly. Numerous other textile advertising products are tailor-made and individually printed.

Johannes Bernardus Smeman, Managing Director of FaberExposize GmbH, explains: “Most of the machines at XXL Megaprint were outdated and not well maintained. Since the Faber Group has been working with Durst worldwide for a long time, we wanted to achieve synergies and equally good quality. Our customers’ demands are very high: fast and reliable production of the highest quality is crucial. Thanks to our Durst printers, we have extremely flexible production capabilities and can print high quality products quickly and reliably.”

In the last 24 months in particular, Mr. Smeman has seen significant growth in the area of textile sublimation printing for soft signage and textile applications. “Our Durst Rhotex 325 means we are very well equipped and were able to react immediately to this growing trend. The Durst Rhotex 325 allows us to continuously expand our portfolio and offer high-quality products at a fair price. Textiles such as Samba fabric banners are becoming more and more popular, especially for light boxes in exhibition stand construction and in retail”.

With the Rhotex 325, Durst offers a new multi-printer system in the 3.2 meter printer class; a printer that combines direct-to-textile printing with the dye-sublimation technology of transfer printing. Depending on the application and textile fabric, the printing system can alternate between the transfer function and direct printing onto polyester-based materials in no time.

“Since 2016 we have doubled our number of employees and tripled sales in the last three years – a result we are very satisfied with,” says Mr. Smeman. “Our modern printing equipment has enabled us to win back many customers, especially those whom XXL Megaprint had lost before we took over. We have also managed to acquire 30 new customers. The combination of productivity, print quality and reduced maintenance was decisive here.”

Mr. Smeman is particularly proud of the international Volvo Ocean Race, one of the largest sporting events in sailing. FaberExposize took on all of the branding with its products for this event. Using Durst machines they printed more than 10,000 m² of surface area, 750 flags in 63 variants, and countless banners and frames, all to be admired in a total of 12 cities.

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