Ceramika Paradyż has been using Durst Gamma for decoration since 2007

By investing in the current Gamma XD series, Ceramika Paradyż now has 3 generations of ceramic printers working in production

Brixen, Italy - 10/10/2017 – Durst, leading manufacturer of advanced digital printing and production technology, has installed the seventh ceramic printing in succession at Ceramika Paradyż. Already back in 2007, Ceramika Paradyż invested in a Durst Gamma 60 and was thus the first Polish tile manufacturer to add digital decoration to its product range. Introduced as a differentiation feature, digitization in fact turned into a growth motor for the Paradyż Group which today is one of the leading tile manufacturers in the Polish ceramic market. Over the last 10 years, the company has constantly expanded its production facilities, investing among others in the Gamma 75 KD generation, Pictocer and now also in the Gamma XD series. Today there are altogether 7 Durst ceramic printing systems working in the company's production facilities, with the first Gamma 60 still being used to decorate wall tiles.

"For more than ten years now we have been convinced by the Durst Gamma printing systems, which give us the necessary printing quality when used for tile decoration, as well as being sturdy and reliable for absolute economic efficiency", says Przemysław Kaczmarski. "The current investment in the Gamma XD series lets us expand our portfolio once again, using effect inks for a broader range of decorative designs as well as significantly improving the production process."

Ceramika Paradyż was particularly impressed by the outstanding printing quality of the Gamma XD series, which is necessary for making demanding ceramic products, including for example large-sized tiles or when printing images instead of the usual stone or wood effects. The printer's intuitive user interface makes it quick and easy for Ceramika Paradyż to convert graphic formats, thus considerably reducing the preparation periods for new projects. Furthermore, it is possible to simulate the printing quality of preceding models when developing new products so that the same design can be produced on different production lines.


Przemysław Kaczmarski - Ceramic Paradyż

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