First Tau 330 RSC E in China - “Technology gives competitive advantage”

Success Stories
Customer Success Story: Shandong Golden Realm Industrial CO., LTD.

Founded in 2007, Shandong Golden Realm Industrial is a rising star in China thanks to excellent print products for outdoor use and its outstanding service. In 2019, general manager Kang Weiyi began to expand into the field of customized personalization. 

Wanting only the best equipment, he chose another Durst printing solution. After the positive experience with its Durst Rhotex 325, this time Golden Realm invested in a Tau 330 RSC E, making the company the first in the Chinese market to acquire a digital label printer with Tau RSC technology. 

Kang emphasizes: "The decision to go with Durst is fully in line with Golden Realm's market positioning, especially our need for the best equipment. Durst printers are capable of adding great value to a business. When we are looking to grow a business segment, we strategically select products that will give us a competitive advantage. Although we always keep an eye on the price/performance ratio. 

“Particularly because Durst is at the cutting edge of the competition, we as customers and suppliers can benefit from the good reputation of the Durst brand and the great service. And thus also ride the wave of success. This actually effectively compensates the initial higher acquisition costs."

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