Bliss Impex, New Delhi, India

Digital printing is the future for Bliss Impex.

“Durst’s proven and cost-effective solution in a price-sensitive market is revolutionising our business. A lot of international brands and buyers are now asking for digital printing.”

Bliss Impex, an international manufacturer of synthetic textiles printed fabrics and apparel fabrics, exports 80% of its business and counts many globally-recognised brands among its clients. In a price-sensitive market, the company now relies heavily on Durst proven technology for industrial-scale production. Less wastage, fast-turnaround on orders, no limitations on colour, broad designing concepts and printing on virtually any materials and 50% less water consumption are among major benefits in a seismic change to digital production of over 10,000,000 linear meters a month.

“This is the future,” said Ekansh Jain, Director of Bliss Impex. “Durst’s proven and cost-effective solution in a price-sensitive market is revolutionising our business. The machines are incredible flexible with no limitations on colour. We can print on an endless list of materials with the Alphas, including many that used to need pre-coating. The fantastic quality gives us a competitive edge, and the sharpness and brightness really stand out.”

Bliss Impex is part of the Jain Group of companies employing 300 people and having a €17.5 million turnover. In a changing market, buyers and designers are now demanding shorter turnaround times from order to delivery and an immediate response when any last-minute changes are needed.

Ekansh Jain typifies the new mindset within the family-owned firm in an evolving market where brand owners and designers demand digital production. Bliss Impex made the investment in Durst systems – three Alpha 190s Reactive production systems and one Durst Alpha 180 printer for polyester work – after a first venture into digital didn’t work out with another supplier. They use the Durst One-Step GOTS-certified reactive ink. All the printers are housed in a temperature-controlled new digital centre in Delhi in a €6million investment. Orders can be completed within three days, sometimes even 24 hours, a far cry from the 15 days it would take with conventional production.

Durst provides round-the-clock on-site technical support as well as a remote link-up with the Durst headquarters in Italy. “We have had a real partnership approach with Durst, which provides world-class support and service,” said Mr Jain. “It may be in as little as three years’ time that our unit here runs completely on digital. Costs are coming down all the time. This is a redefinition of the production processes.

“A lot of international brands and and buyers are now asking for digital printing because they see this seen as a green process. We have reduced our water consumption by 50%, around 500,000 liters per month. As one example of how we are growing our business and opening new opportunities directly with brand owners, H&M needed to print on sushi voil for a ladies’ garment and we completed the 300,000 linear meter order within 20 days. It could not have been done conventionally in that timescale because we needed many different colours and lots of merging. The incredible quality speaks for itself.”

Mr Jain concludes: “This is a seismic change in the industry as people are being educated to the benefits of digital.”


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